Want to join Team Nectar? Great! We're always looking for talented new builders to join us.

Do you want to work on projects that shape peoples enjoyment of the game? Then you might be a great fit for Team Nectar. Team Nectar specialize in creating high-quality maps for The Hive and exclusive clients.

The Hive sees millions of players every months, and the majority of the maps that users experience are created by Team Nectar. Our main hub has been seen by over 5 million players since it's release in late 2015. The amount of enjoyment The Hive has being able to provide to players young and old across the world is nothing short of humbling. Being a nectar member allows you to have a huge impact.

Reasons to be in Team Nectar:

  • Make awesome maps for Hive games, released and unreleased! (Quite often Nectar tests games before anyone else, as they help define the game play through map design).
  • Be part of the team that directly impacts the users enjoy-ability of Minecraft. We're known for awesome maps, and you can be a part of that.
  • Get paid for maps that are accepted and used on The Hive and commissions.
  • Have your work seen by MILLIONS of users monthly on The Hive.
  • Be part of a team that creates maps for YouTubers!
  • Get the Hive Team Nectar rank after one of your maps is uploaded and playable.

Ready to apply?

Fantastic, we look forward to seeing your application. Please note due to the amount of applicants we can't get back to everyone individually, however if you are accepted for trial you'll hear from us relatively quickly.